About Us


Newb SimHouse (NSH) is the parent company for NSH Custom Discs (dba). NSH Custom Discs is a PDGA approved disc manufacturer based out of Gilbert, AZ. We set out to make discs for ourselves and along the journey created some really fun, durable products. Unlike other disc manufacturers, we do not rely on injection molding, rather a modern 3D printing approach. Due to the nature of our process, our design team can offer “new and different” products regularly. We worked hard to ensure our ordering process is as simple and enjoyable as possible. As we learn and grow there will be plenty of educational material for you as well. We look forward to serving our disc golf community. 

We have nineteen PDGA approved “molds” which we call STYLES. All you need to do is choose your style and your choice of standard or custom. Regardless of which style or customization options you choose, all of our products are made out of the same virtually indestructible premium plastic. Standard is your no-frills added disc. Simply pick your weight and you will receive a random color in which you can customize yourself or use as is. With customization orders, you can choose up to three colors, change the logo in the center, foil stamps, etc.

Since all of our products are virtually indestructible, and they all fly, there really is nothing to return. Also, all of our products are made to order. With that being said, we do not accept returns unless there is some unforeseen manufacturing defect. We do believe in customer satisfaction, so if there is an issue, our staff will work with you to resolve it. Like most things in the disc golf world, we couldn’t be here without you! We appreciate your support and can’t wait to see you out there!